How To Make Money On Twitter X Full Guide

Making money from Twitter through Creator Ads Revenue Sharing is a great opportunity for Twitter users. You can monetize your Twitter account on Twitter X by simply tweeting on X. That’s why it’s very easy for anyone to do.

5 Step to start Making money from Twitter X

We can start making money from Twitter X when we gain 500 followers and achieve 5 million impressions with premium X subscriptions. Here are 5 steps to start your journey on Twitter X for making a huge amount of money.

1. Create A Twitter X Account

First, you need to¬†create a Twitter X account, and you can easily do this; it’s not a big deal. However, you need to complete your profile professionally. Upload a profile picture and cover photo, write a short description, and quickly review the setting options to optimize your profile.

2. Select A Niche

To gain followers on Twitter, you need to select a niche. Choose a niche that is suitable for you to write tweets regularly and is a trending topic. For example, crypto, football, politics, war events, lifestyle, health tips, and memes are great niches for anyone because these topics are always trending, and people are interested in reading tweets related to them.

3. Subscribe Premium X

Twitter offers an ads revenue-sharing option exclusively to Twitter Premium X subscribers who have at least 500 followers and 5 million impressions. An interesting perk is that you will receive a blue check mark on your Twitter profile upon subscribing to Premium X. This feature can enhance your profile’s credibility, leading to more impressions and building trust among your readers, encouraging them to follow your tweets.

4. Connect Stripe account with Twitter X

Twitter pays out monthly, and they now accept Stripe as a payment gateway to transfer your earnings to your bank account. Therefore, having a Stripe account for Twitter is essential. Stripe is a popular payment gateway, and in the near future, more payment methods may be available.

5. Tweet Regularly

Gaining followers on Twitter is very easy if you consistently tweet and promptly post when something is trending in your niche. This can significantly increase your impressions and followers quickly. By spending time on Twitter and posting regularly, you have the potential to make $5000 to $15000 per month.

How can I check if my country is available for Twitter monetization?

Ads revenue sharing is available globally, but some countries may not be eligible yet. You can check the list of eligible countries in the Ads Revenue Sharing article on Twitter.

Final Words

Making money on Twitter X is very easy for beginner content creators because you just need to tweet on Twitter X. When we want to make money from Facebook or YouTube, we need to create video content, which is a tougher task than tweeting on X. So, you can start making money right now by simply following the above steps.

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